Help Rethink Physical Safety with Us

Today at Verkada, we build security cameras that detect action, identify danger, and help keep people and places safe and secure. But this is only the beginning.
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Our Commitment to You Starts Here

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    A Far-Reaching Vision

    Where today you perceive danger, we envision a world where security systems provide confidence. In this future, cameras and other sensors don't passively record what they see, but proactively alert people who can help.

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    A Rock-Solid Game Plan

    Because of our focus on user experience and our high standards, we’re transforming an industry that has seen little innovation for decades. Our market is huge—$16 billion per year—our customers have clear problems and when our sales team demos our product, it often leaves buyers speechless.

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    A Clear Responsibility

    With powerful technology comes social responsibility. We believe keeping data private and secure is core to our safety as individuals, businesses, and communities, and we put great care into building systems that embody our values as people.

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    Unique Exciting Challenges

    Building software, hardware, and services at the same time, as a small team, with an international supply chain, for users who demand a seamless product experience—it's just plain hard. It's also thrilling, and we don't hesitate to celebrate when we succeed.

What We’re Building

Our first mature cameras entered the enterprise market less than two years ago—and struck a chord. Today our cameras record more video each day than gets uploaded to YouTube.

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Learn How We Work

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    Verkada Software Engineer
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    How Verkada’s Hardware and Software Teams Work Together
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    Verkada’s Early Team Members Explain the Vision that Launched the Company — and Where They’re Going Next
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Meet the Folks You’ll Sit Next to

We are engineers, machine learning experts, security veterans, and experienced founders—and the most collaborative sales team you've ever met. In Verkada we see a chance to make a real impact. Find us on LinkedIn and elsewhere—and don't hesitate to connect.

Are we already connected?

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  • Scott Steber

    Scott Steber

    Product Design Mechanical Engineer
  • Christine Dzou

    Christine Dzou

    Sr. Growth Marketing Manager
  • Preeti J. Pillai

    Preeti J. Pillai

    Computer Vision/Deep Learning
  • Guillaume Sabourin

    Guillaume Sabourin

    Regional Sales Manager, Enterprise
  • Chisom Agada

    Chisom Agada

    Director of HR
  • Dennis Kwok

    Dennis Kwok

    Senior Firmware Engineer

Benefits & Perks

As an organization, one of our top priorities is to maintain the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families.

  • Flexible PTO

    Take the time you need to recharge now to do great work, long-term.

  • Commuter Benefits

    Includes monthly transit passes, parking costs and work travel expenses.

  • Healthy Meals

    Catered lunch and dinner every day, as well as a fully-stocked kitchen with cold brew and kombucha on tap.

  • Health Coverage

    Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision for you and your dependents. Employee premiums are covered at 100%.

  • Wellness Benefits

    Receive fitness pass reimbursements and extended mental health coverage.

  • Fun Celebrations

    Happy hours, quarterly outings, and cross-functional team lunches.

Join Our Team

If our work resonates, we encourage you to apply. When we meet ambitious and collaborative self-starters, count on us to move fast.

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Say Hi to a Recruiter

On the fence? Just want to talk to a human? Reach out to us and we'll do our best to reply within 24 hours, if not immediately.
  • Drew Ozanne

    Drew Ozanne

    Hello! I’m focused on all things software engineering.
  • Nadia Dizaji

    Nadia Dizaji

    Hi! I'm the one to chat with about anything related to Sales.
  • Taylor Spencer

    Taylor Spencer

    New grad or intern looking to join our engineering team? Say hi!

Job Candidate FAQ

  • Are work hours flexible and/or can I work remote?
    Big decisions get made by team members working face-to-face at the office. If you're not here, at some point you'll start missing out. Our team members come from a wide range of backgrounds and, frankly, we wouldn't be human if we didn't have responsibilities outside of work. The majority of us have taken remote days when needed and sometimes we start the day later and end later, or vice versa. It’s an understanding between you and your manager and communication on this is key in maintaining great team chemistry.
  • The product looks mature to me. How much impact can I really have at this point?
    You can have a tremendous amount of impact at Verkada—and we'll push you to. Our engineering team is 25 people as of August 2019. We work with a wide range of software and hardware technologies, so most facets of our product are managed by teams of just 2–3 people. For a zillion reasons we're excited to—and must—grow our team. If you join us at any point in the next two years, you'll be building the foundation of the business.
  • How much mentorship will I receive? Will I be expected to mentor others?
    Our work culture is highly collaborative. Whether your role is technical, or sales-focused, or focused elsewhere, it's safe to assume that your questions will be answered quickly—and that you'll be asked a lot of questions, too. Beyond social norms, we're in the early stages of rolling out a formal mentorship program. Our goal is to create a fantastic environment for self-starters to begin their careers, and for people with more experience to step into a larger role for the first time.
  • I have ethical issues with surveillance. How do I know that Verkada won't turn into The Man?
    We're not blind to history. The ability to surveil is ripe for abuse. But security cameras, like all technologies, are designed, built, used, and regulated by people. On this topic, actions are louder than words, so here are some examples of how we're taking our responsibility seriously: Our camera feeds use end-to-end encryption, an industry first; we're building tools that log data access and create audit trails, so accountability is baked into the core of the product; and we're building view modes that mask faces and identities to control access to sensitive information. Much more to come.
  • Job security is important to me—and I know startups are risky. What risks does Verkada face?
    You're right—startups aren't cakewalks. On the positive side, we have clear product/market fit, our year-over-year sales growth is well over 100%, and we're backed by a group of reputable and enthusiastic investors. On the other hand, the economy will enter recession eventually and, like all growing industries, ours will face increased regulation over time. ...But we’re speculating here. In truth, we have a ton of momentum.

We’re Not the Only Believers

We're proud to be funded by a storied group of venture capital firms, and supported by partners who have our back. If we share a mutual connection, don't hesitate to seek a reference for our founding team.

Join Our Team

If our work resonates, we encourage you to apply. When we meet ambitious and collaborative self-starters, count on us to move fast.

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