Sales at Verkada

Our values and strengths separate us from other sales organizations

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    Built on collaboration

    We pride ourselves on building a sales culture that is team-focused first. We hire excellent people who are ambitious and collaborative. We are focused on winning, while learning from and inspiring each other.

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    Upfront compensation

    We are upfront and transparent about quota expectations and earning potential. Our average AE comp is higher than industry standards. This gives everyone in a closing role the motivation to set tangible goals, grow in their career and earn quickly.

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    Career growth while on a rocket ship

    While we’re growing faster than most, we actively look to promote leaders from within because we care a lot about maintaining our unique culture. Most of our current sales managers were promoted internally, and we provide active coaching for employees transitioning into management roles.

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    Support tools and support

    We offer the necessary tools, resources and allowances for our team to create highly targeted and customizable outreach tactics. Our sales tech stack includes the likes of Outreach, Sendoso and Gong.

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    In-depth enablement program

    Become successful from day one. With industry titans leading hands-on training courses, the team has the resources they need to sell in the physical security space--even without prior experience.

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    A focus on diversity and inclusion

    We have active communities that reinforce our focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that listening to diverse employee voices helps us identify new ideas to build a better team and product.

Changing Jobs in 2020

Despite the unique challenges brought on by COVID-19, Verkada grew its revenue by 65% in Q2 2020, its highest pace since 2018. Learn about how Verkada is helping current and prospective employees, transition and navigate this uncertain landscape to win.

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Our Stories

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or you’re looking to pivot in your career, we believe that you can become successful at Verkada.

    Your Journey at Verkada

    • Your First Month - Our Thoughtful Onboarding

      We know that the first month at a new job is foundational to your long-term success, so we take onboarding and training seriously.
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    • Your First Six Months - Building Out Your Business

      Once training is complete, you are now free to start selling - and we are there every step of the way to ensure your success.
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    • Your First Year - Being Your Own CEO

      The grind never stops - our ambitions are global and there is plenty of market to go after - but reap the rewards of the seeds you have sown and enjoy the take-home pay!
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    • Beyond Your First Year - Promotion Opportunities

      We pride ourselves on building our team from within, and as we expand globally, we are constantly looking for leaders to step up into management roles fast. This is your chance to manage growing teams and scale.
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