Meet Command

Simple, powerful software to manage every camera and site from any device.

Delivering Security,
Software First

Verkada is redefining video security for enterprises. By building cameras that operate on easy-to-use cloud software, all users have the power to access, share, and archive footage across locations whenever and wherever they are.
  • Real time alerts for unusual activity like tampering or camera offline
  • On-camera analytics for instant results
  • Built-in security features like 2FA and SSO and fully encrypted data

Command Software License Includes

  • Unlimited Cloud
  • Unlimited Number
    of User Seats
  • Automatic Firmware Updates
  • Security Patches &
  • 30-Day Free
    Cloud Backup

Streamline Security and Efficiency

Powerful, edge-based analytics designed to bring simplicity and speed to investigations.

  • Apply Search Filters

    As footage is recorded, Verkada cameras intelligently analyze each frame for motion, people, and vehicles. From there, users can quickly search and filter for the footage they need based on captured attributes such as date, time, clothing color, face matches, and vehicle make.

  • Event-Driven History

    Through Command, users can easily find meaningful events throughout the day. Without having to manually scrub through footage, users can instantly see any moment where people or vehicles were detected in frame, bringing greater efficiency and speed to any investigation.

  • Simple Sharing

    With unlimited cloud archiving and built-in tools for sharing, Command makes it simple to save and export footage. From any device, users can instantly share a link via SMS to live camera feeds with first responders or export and email MP4s of footage for quick and easy access.

  • Intuitive User Management

    From setting permissions and access to enabling 2FA, administrators have the tools they need to build their organization while ensuring footage is properly protected from unauthorized access. Command also retains detailed user logs, helping in audits and meeting compliance.

  • Floor Plan View

    Easily manage cameras across floors and monitor system health with colored indicators that display camera status.

  • Motion Based Search

    Click and drag any region within the camera frame, and get results of all activity that was detected in that selected area.

  • People & Vehicle Analytics

    Built on industry-leading edge processing, identify people and vehicles in frame to quickly find incidents of interest.

  • Intelligent SMS Alerts

    Get notified via SMS or email of meaningful motion detected in frame, or events critical to operations such as camera downtime.

  • Timelapse Videos

    Command threads together thumbnails over a 24 hour period, allowing users to view activity across a day in seconds.

Security At Your Fingertips

Simple surveillance technology that works all the time, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s included in the Command software license?
    Each Verkada software license includes technical support, access to Verkada Command for an unlimited number of users, and unlimited storage for any archived video clips in your account. The license also includes automatic firmware updates and security patches, as well as all future software enhancements.
  • Can I backup all of my recorded video in the cloud?
    Yes, included with your license is 30 days of continuous cloud backup that can be enabled on a camera-by-camera basis. If you are interested in longer periods of cloud-based retention, please contact a Verkada sales rep at [email protected].
  • Can I access cameras locally without streaming over the internet or when offline?
    When accessing cameras locally, Command will default both live footage and past recordings to be streamed over the local network. This not only helps in reducing latency and data consumption, but also ensures continued coverage even in the event of an internet outage.
  • How many users can I have in my Command account?
    You can invite an unlimited number of users to your Verkada Command account provided each camera has an active software license.

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