Discover the latest in video security news, trends and strategies.
  • How to Choose the Right Security Camera System for Your Organization

    In this eBook, you’ll discover:
    • Develop a surveillance strategy for your business
    • Evaluate your video security system options and associated vendors
    • Analyze the total cost of video surveillance ownership
    • Assess video security outcomes and effectiveness
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  • Verkada cybersecurity whitepaper for video surveillance

    Cybersecurity for Video Surveillance Systems

    In this eBook, you’ll discover:
    • Vulnerabilities common to conventional video security systems
    • Suggestions to enhance the security of your video surveillance
    • A checklist to help you evaluate whether or not your security vendor and solution are meeting your business' security needs
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  • The Future of Enterprise Video Surveillance

    In this eBook, you’ll discover:

    • The infrastructural difference between traditional CCTV systems and hybrid cloud systems
    • What features and benefits are associated with hybrid cloud solutions
    • Use cases that explain why security professionals are shifting towards this modern approach to security

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