Bandwidth-Optimized Video Quality With Verkada

05/30/23 - 06/01/23
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Speaking Session
Bandwidth-Optimized Video Quality With Verkada
Wednesday, May 31
10:00 AM CDT
Theater style in Sunflower

Join us for an exciting session on the innovative technology behind Verkada’s bandwidth friendly cameras! Our team will share the secrets behind how we were able to engineer cloud managed cameras that can operate at just 20-50 kbps while continuously recording at high resolution. In this breakout session, we will showcase the latest features that can be utilized to further optimize camera bandwidth. Regardless of the features you choose, you’ll gain insights into how our bitrate optimization and local streaming enhancements enhance image quality across all deployed cameras.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the technology that powers one of the most scalable video security solutions on the market.

Pushpak Pujari

Pushpak Pujari is a Product Manager at Verkada working on Camera Software, Video Quality and Management, Computer Vision, UI and new products. Pushpak holds an MBA from Wharton and Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson is a Director of Engineering focused on video streaming, video retention, and cameras Command web. He holds a BS and MEng in Computer Science from MIT.

Join this VerkadaOne breakout session to learn more about Verkada's bandwidth friendly solution.