Privacy and Physical Security

05/30/23 - 06/01/23
, VerkadaOne Breakout Session,
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Speaking Session
VerkadaOne Breakout Session: Privacy and Physical Security
Wednesday, May 31
10:00AM CDT
Keynote Hall (900)
As connected sensors monitoring the physical world become more ubiquitous and as the power and accuracy of AI and ML capabilities improves exponentially, it becomes even more important to ensure that physical security technology is built in a way that respects individual’s privacy. In this breakout session, we’ll dive into the rapidly evolving privacy and physical security landscape with industry experts, thought leaders and leaders from Verkada.

Bill Berry

Bill Berry is General Counsel at Verkada. Prior to Verkada, Bill headed Tesla's legal department and worked alongside Tesla’s CEO to lead strategic direction for the company’s legal initiatives and goals.

Yalini Prabhakaran

Yalini Prabhakaran is a Product Manager at Verkada overseeing the Command platform and security & privacy features. Yalini attended UC Berkeley, where she studied Computer Science.

Kyle Randolph

Kyle is Verkada's Chief Information Security Officer. He has over 20 years of experience, building, security, privacy, and compliance programs as an engineer, and leader at Citrix, Twitter and Adobe.

Join this VerkadaOne breakout session to learn more about Verkada's approach to privacy.