The Latest in AI and Computer Vision With Verkada’s Top Engineers

05/30/23 - 06/01/23
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Speaking Session
The Verkada Advantage: A Computer Vision Enhanced Camera System That Keeps Getting Better
Wednesday, May 31
10:00AM CDT
VerkadaOne Breakout Rooms: Fairmont Austin
Cloud managed cameras offer automatic firmware updates, improving your investment over time. Verkada provides automatic updates for their cameras, with 280 firmware and software updates released in the past year alone. These updates have enhanced the accuracy of analytics, improved streaming quality, and further simplified the search experience. Discover the underlying technologies, such as trajectory analysis, that power advanced features like License Plate Recognition (LPR), Occupancy Trends, motion search, and hyperzoom capability in this breakout session. In this breakout session, you’ll learn about how we extract data from people and vehicles trajectories, process the data at the edge, and deliver almost instant insights with a high degree of accuracy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the cutting-edge technology driving Verkada’s success!

Michele Casertano

Michele Casertano is a Director of Product at Verkada covering the camera portfolio and the Artificial Intelligence team. He holds a MBA from Stanford University and a MS/BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Universita’ Degli Studi di Roma - Tor Vergata.

Yunchao Gong

Yunchao is the VP of Engineering at Verkada. Yunchao started his career as a research scientist working with Turing Award winner, Yann Lecun, in Facebook AI Research. Yunchao holds MS/PhD degrees from the UNC Chapel Hill, in computer science.

Yi Xu

Yi is currently an Engineering Manager at Verkada, overseeing Search, Computer Vision, and Events. Yi earned a PhD in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, specializing in computer vision and its application in security.

Join this VerkadaOne breakout session to learn more about the Latest in AI and Computer Vision With Verkada’s Top Engineers