The Intersection of Physical Security and Cyber Security

05/30/23 - 06/01/23
, VerkadaOne Customer Panel Discussion,
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The Intersection of Physical Security and Cyber Security
The Intersection of Physical Security and Cyber Security
Thursday, June 1
9:00 AM
VerkadaOne Breakout Rooms: Fairmont Austin

Role-based access control to ensure secure yet scalable approaches to access management. Prioritizing speed and proactivity – in addition to barriers and controls. Deploying the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and encryption. In these ways and others, the worlds of physical security and cyber security are converging.

Join this customer panel discussion to hear from leaders in information technology and cybersecurity to see how these leaders think about and work with these distinct, yet overlapping, disciplines.

Delia Midamba

Delia Midamba is Head of Physical Security at Cloudflare, where she leads the corporate physical security function. She has built risk intelligence programs from scratch at organizations that include Splunk, PwC and U.S. Department of State.

Ann Tran

Ann Tran is a Sr. Director of Information Technology with 14 years of experience managing technology planning, process improvements, and operations to maximize efficiency and profitability across hundreds of restaurants across the United States.

Mike Orosz

Mike Orosz is the Chief Information Security Officer at Vertiv Corporation. Mike is a Techstars Mentor and has held leadership positions in cyber and physical security at Citrix Systems, Citi Group and the US Army.

Join this session to hear how leading CISOs and CIOs are managing the intersection of physical and cyber security.