Keeping Today's Schools Safe

05/30/23 - 06/01/23
, VerkadaOne Customer Panel Discussion,
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Keeping Today's Schools Safe
Keeping Today's Schools Safe
Thursday, June 1
9:30 AM
VerkadaOne Breakout Rooms

Superintendents and IT leaders need to keep students as safe as possible, while still maintaining a productive and comfortable learning environment. For many school districts, cloud-based solutions like Verkada have streamlined physical security operations with a unified and powerful system. But school leaders need to constantly stay ahead and proactive to keep their schools safe. Leaders must constantly ask: what gaps still exist? How can I protect my school against a changing threat landscape? What are our emergency response plans and how confident are we in each potential scenario?

Join this panel discussion with school leaders from some of the largest school districts in the United States to hear how they approach the topic of physical security. The session will also include an open Q&A and discussion period with the audience – so bring your thoughts and questions!

Jason Beard

Jason Beard is a seasoned professional working in the Transportation and Facilities Director at Rogers Independent School District (ISD), where he has over 10 years of experience.

Jeremy Wickham

Jeremy is the Director of Technology at North Shore School District 112, where he uses integrated systems and technologies to improve safety and staff efficiency. He has over fifteen years of technology coaching experience in the K-12 education space.

Hector Hernandez

Hector Hernandez is the Director of Technology Operations at Aspire Public Schools. He previously served as the Director of Education Technology at the LA Promise Fund, and has a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry.

Join the session to see how Verkada customers are keeping today's schools safe.