Improve Student Safety on Campus with School Surveillance

Improve physical safety across districts with Verkada’s easy-to-use solution.

Build Safer Campuses With School Surveillance

With Verkada, instantly strengthen critical security infrastructure across districts.
With Verkada’s intelligent, plug-and-play video security system, it’s simple to scale cameras and improve visibility across schools of any size.

Why Schools and Districts Choose Verkada

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Benefits of School Security Cameras

  • Protect Students & Faculty

    School security camera systems keep track of everyone entering and exiting school entrances, making it easy to spot intruders and prevent unauthorized visitors from entering school campuses.

    With cameras deployed across campus—from parking lots, to stadiums, to hallways—it’s simple to monitor open areas that might be vulnerable to crime.

    Having cameras on campus also deters poor student behaviors, such as bullying, and can improve overall experiences on campus.

  • Quick Incident Resolution

    More so than ever, parents are getting involved in ensuring that they’re sending students to safe schools.

    With video footage and smart search filters available, school admistrators can quickly find recorded video of key events and effectively address behavioral concerns or conflict between students.

    In the event of emergencies, school faculty and authorized users can send live feeds of cameras instantly, reducing the time it takes to communicate with law enforcement and parents.

  • Proactively Deter Threats

    With smart video technology, gain better insight about activity happening on school grounds.

    Get alerted of unusual activities—such as cars or people appearing on campus after school hours—without having to actively monitor school cameras.

    In other instances, school security cameras can be used as a tool to help teachers and instructional aides anticipate misbehavior and take actions to potentially prevent it.

Strengthen School Safety with Verkada

The best school security camera for districts and campuses of all sizes.

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