Why Verkada?

See why industry experts choose Verkada’s hybrid cloud solution to scale security and simplify management.


  • Native Video Integration (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Centralize video security and access control.
    • Find video evidence for door-based events.
    • Monitor door-based activity in real-time.
  • Scalability (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Scale cloud-based access control.
    • Reduce overhead and infrastructure.
    • Consolidate user access credentials.
  • Simple Installation (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Install Wiegand and OSDP door readers.
    • Add locks and necessary door hardware.
    • Configure doors automatically in the cloud.
  • Mobile Pass App (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Unlock doors using your smartphone.
    • Initiate a building lockdown.
    • Limit door access based on geolocation.
  • Ease of Use (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Create door settings and schedules.
    • Designate admin levels for your organization.
    • Manage user credentials and integrations.