Verkada - Enterprise Surveillance Solution - On-Demand Demo

Discover how Verkada’s enterprise security camera system makes surveillance infinitely more simple, scalable and secure. 

Managing a commercial surveillance solution, while keeping up with the evolving security needs of an organization, is a daunting feat. But it doesn’t have to be.

See how Verkada makes it easy to accomplish these key tasks:

  • Scale across multiple locations, up to 1000s of cameras
  • Eliminate archaic infrastructure; No DVR/NVRs required
  • Control accessibility to footage by user, site and organization
  • Shorten response time to incidents with alert notifications
  • Locate footage with time, date, and motion-based search
  • Detect meaningful car- and people- activity in frame

Verkada is the trusted security vendor for 500+ organizations including: school districts, municipalities, hospitals, and banks.

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