Verkada Partner Program

Our Partner Program makes it easy for resellers and integrators to offer their customers best-in-class security products and grow their business.

Becoming Successful with Verkada

Becoming a Partner

Becoming a Verkada partner can be done in 3 easy steps.

  • Attend On-Demand Partner Webinar

    See the 30 minute demo of our Video Security and Access Control solutions. Also get an overview of how to become a Verkada Partner.

  • Apply to Become a Partner

    Submit an application describing your company and whether you are a reseller or integrator partner.

  • Submit Your Resale Tax Certificate

    Depending on your state or country of operation we may require you to submit a resale tax certificate to finalize our partnership.

Dedicated Certification Program

Become a Verkada technical expert with the Verkada Certified Engineer (VCE) training program. This one-day in-person course includes guided labs to equip you with the skills to confidently install and operate Verkada solutions.

Partner Success Stories

  • Gridless

    Learn how the Gridless partnered with Verkada to produce its fastest-growing Sentry line.

  • RJ Young

    Learn how RJ Young drives net new business to 55,000 customers with 50/50 lead generation.

  • AdaptToSolve (ATS)

    Learn how AdaptToSolve (ATS) grew its business by 50% by moving to growth-based model.

  • Pine Cove Consulting

    Learn how the Pine Cove expanded its IT portfolio with Verkada to increase revenue by 30%.

  • DataVox

    Learn how DataVox developed a 50/50 partnership with Verkada, built on trust and collaboration.

  • ConvergeOne

    Learn how ConvergeOne expanded its physical security IT portfolio to drive $48 million in pipeline.

  • Socafna

    Learn how the French transportation and logistics giant scales security operations across multiple sites.

  • PowerStack

    PowerStack's sustainable, vertical solar systems combine with Verkada's enterprise solutions to offer security in remote locations worldwide.

Partner with Verkada Today

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