Verkada List Pricing

  • Cameras

  • 30 Days
    Built-in Storage
  • 60 Days
    Built-in Storage
  • 90 Days
    Built-in Storage
  • 120 Days
    Built-in Storage
  • Built-in Storage:

    Outdoor Dome


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  • $999

  • $1,399

  • $1,799

  • $2,199

We sell exclusively through trusted partners, who can also provide installation and other services. Discounts available for volume orders, schools and non-profits.

  • Service

  • 1 Year
  • 3 Year
  • 5 Year
  • 10 Year
  • Command Cloud Service

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  • $199

    Per camera

  • $499

    Per camera

  • $799

    Per camera

  • $1,599

    Per camera

Mounting Hardware & Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s included in the Command software license?
    Each Verkada software license includes technical support, access to Verkada Command for an unlimited number of users, and unlimited storage for any archived video clips in your account. The license also includes automatic firmware updates and security patches, as well as all future software enhancements.
  • Can I backup all of my recorded video in the cloud?
    Yes, we offer a cloud backup service that can be enabled on a camera-by-camera basis. The service is available in 30-day blocks, each of which costs an additional $100 per year, per camera. Contact us to learn more about the service and bandwidth requirements.
  • Do I need to buy an NVR or DVR?
    No, Verkada cameras are all-in-one systems that don’t require the purchase of additional equipment, such as network video recorders or digital video recorders.
  • How many users can I have in my Command account?
    You can invite an unlimited number of users to your Verkada Command account provided each camera has an active software license.

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