CD52 Dome

High resolution, general purpose indoor dome with 3x optical zoom and intelligent edge-based video analytics.
  • 5 MP
    Image Resolution
  • 3 X
    Optical Zoom
  • 30 M
    IR Range

Accessory List

  • ACC-MNT-2 Mounting Arm Kit

    Wall mounted extender arm. Use with Verkada ACC-MNT-1 or ACC-MNT-8 pendant caps.

  • ACC-MNT-3 Wall Mounted L-Shaped Bracket Kit

    Compact bracket for mounting camera perpendicular to wall.

  • ACC-MNT-4 Pole Mount Adapter Kit

    Attaches ACC-MNT-2 or ACC-MNT-3 to a pole.

  • INJ-POE-PLUS 802.3at PoE Injector

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector for powering Verkada cameras from a non-PoE enabled network connection.

  • ACC-MNT-7 Angle Mount Kit

    30 degree angled mount for improved field of view.

  • ACC-MNT-8 Pendant Cap Mount Kit

    Threaded cap that attaches to the rear of a camera. Use with the ACC-MNT-2 mounting arm.

  • ACC-CAM-SHIELD-1 Camera Weather Shield

    Weather shield for protecting Dome Series and Fisheye cameras.

  • ACC-MNT-POLE-1 Pole Mount

    For mounting cameras to circular poles 2" to 6" in diameter.

  • ACC-MNT-CORNER-1 Corner Mount

    Mount for installing cameras and accessories to external corners.

  • ACC-MNT-XLARM-1 Large Arm Mount

    Wall mount arm for larger cameras. Includes 1.5" NPT to connect to pendant caps and 3/4" NPT at the base for conduit.

  • ACC-MNT-REC-1 Recess Mount

    Recess ceiling mount for securely mounting an indoor dome camera flush within a drop ceiling that is up to 50mm thick.

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