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Each SV11 Environmental Sensor can be integrated with a Verkada camera to gain visual evidence into what occurred.

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Product Specifications

  • Temperature
    Sensor: CMOS
    Operating Range: -5º C to 50º C (23° F to 122° F)
    Typical Accuracy: ± 2.5° C
    Units: º C / º F
  • Relative Humidity
    Sensor: CMOS
    Operating Range: 0-80% non-condensing
    Typical Accuracy: ± 5%, Max ± 10%
    Units: %
  • PM 2.5
    Sensor: Laser Scattering Optical Sensor
    Range: 0 - 1000 μg/m3
    Typical Accuracy (0 - 100 μg/m3): ± 10 μg/m3
    Typical Accuracy (100 - 1000 μg/m3): ± 10%
    Units: μg/m3 (micrograms / cubic meter)
  • TVOC
    Sensor: CMOS
    Range: 0-60,000 Index
    Typical Accuracy: +/- 15%
  • Noise
    Sensor: Microphone (not recording)
    Range: 20 - 120 dB SPL (A-Weighted)
    Typical Accuracy: ± 5 dB
    Units: dB (decibels)
  • Air Quality Index
    Sensor: Derived from multiple sensors
    Range: 0 - 500
  • Motion
    Sensor: Passive Infrared Sensor
  • Vape Index
    Sensor: Proprietary formula derived from multiple sensors
    Range: 0 - 100 index
  • Dimensions & Weight
    Dimensions: Ø: 146mm H: 59mm
    Weight: 720g / 25.4oz
  • Power
    Power Consumption: 4W
    Power Input: IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • LED Indicator
    System power and status indicator
  • Connectivity
    RJ-45 cable connector for Network/PoE connection
  • Operating Temperature
    -5º C to 50º C (23° F to 122° F)
  • Compliance
  • Included Accessories
    Setup guide, T10 security Torx screwdriver, screw pack, paper mounting template

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