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"The best video surveillance system for enterprises."

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No need to configure VPNs, update firewalls, or reset factory-default passwords — Verkada cameras work effortlessly from the moment they leave the box.

Always On the Go

With Verkada, you gain secure, 24/7 access to live video feeds, activity-triggered events, and 30 days of retained footage—all from your computer or mobile device.

Works on LTE

Verkada excels in low-bandwidth areas. Reason: our system is uniquely designed to send only select data to the cloud, such as when activity is detected.

Automatically Crystal Clear — Day or Night

Verkada’s algorithms continually tune image parameters by adjusting camera settings such as exposure, iris, shutter speed, brightness and more. Result: optimal image clarity, even at night.

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Effortlessly Managed

Command, Verkada’s secure web application, makes it easy to manage and monitor camera deployments of any size.

Video Analytics

Map View

Share Live Feed Access

Activity Based Search

User Access Controls

Export and Share

  • Video Analytics

  • Map View

  • Share Live Feed Access

  • Activity Based Search

  • User Access Controls

  • Export and Share

Encrypted by Default

Engineered with the latest standards for enterprise security & encryption

30 Days of Retained Video

30 days of continuous recording—even in the event of a network outage

Controlled Live-Feed Sharing

Share a camera’s live feed via URL, and set it to automatically expire at a set time

Powerful Access Controls

Easily control permissions for all users in your organization

Health Monitoring & Alerts

View system health and get notified immediately if a camera goes offline

Tamper Detection & Alerts

A built-in accelerometer detects unusual motion and sends automated alerts

Activity-Based Indexing & Search

By default, Verkada surfaces the footage you’re looking for—right when you need it

Unrivaled Performance in Low Light

Powered by a 1/2.8” Progressive CMOS sensor and 8 industrial-grade LED illuminators