“Sales at Verkada”

Apr 17

Sales Spotlight: Why I Left Medical Device Sales to Join Verkada

As someone who loves working with people, I knew early on in my career that I wanted to be in sales. In 2018, I started my career in medical device sales at one of the top medical tech companies in the world. I was working face-to-face with customers and prospects every day, I could prioritize time with my family and I was making good money. I loved it. After a few years, I became the youngest tenured rep on the sales leadership council, was in a great position to become a future director and was moving out of the Bay Area - or so I thought.

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Dec 15

Building the next generation of sales talent at Verkademy

Verkademy is an accelerated sales training program for early-career sales professionals who want to become world-class business leaders. Over the course of the six-month program, our associate account executives build foundational sales skills through structured lesson plans and professional coaching that set them up for success as account executives at Verkada and beyond.

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Apr 2

Building Out Your Business During Your First Six Months

Whether you come from one end of the spectrum as a seasoned enterprise rep who knows the physical security space inside and out or are new to sales altogether, building your career at Verkada will be unique because of both the pace that you will grow with us and the nature of our company mission.

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