Trust Doesn't Just Happen - It's Earned

At Verkada, we take care to protect the privacy of our customers' data and privileged information

Here you'll find up to date information on how we safeguard your information, where our products are designed and manufactured, and how our system is performing in real time.

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We Work Hard to Protect Your Privacy

To safeguard the privacy of our customers, we have put in place comprehensive governance that applies to all Verkada employees and partners. We operate on the basis of three privacy modes with our customers.
  • Open

    Verkada staff are permitted to view system details and use customers' cameras in product demonstrations. Customers must opt-in to Open mode.

  • Standard

    No third parties can access or view video. Authorized Verkada staff are permitted to access and view system information only for the purpose of troubleshooting and software development.

  • Streamline Operations

    No one at Verkada and no third parties can access the video. Authorized Verkada technical staff are permitted to access and view system details only with prior written or verbal consent from the customer, exclusively for purpose of troubleshooting.


At Verkada, we strive to promote transparency in the market. We believe that both businesses and individuals have the right to know certain details about the products they buy. We believe that the first step to promoting greater transparency is to share information about where our products are made, how they're designed, and who designs them.


Verkada software engineering teams are based in the San Mateo, California. Our teams have full control over the software development lifecycle, and no component or service is written or introduced without thoroughly vetting it for performance, reliability and security.


Verkada hardware is made in Taiwan to our specifications by our highly trustworthy manufacturer partners, who themselves have in place strong compliance guidelines on privacy and cybersecurity. We control 100% of the software (firmware) that is loaded on to the device and have incorporated 256-bit SHA2 HMAC cryptographic integrity checking to ensure that only authentic and authorized software is uploaded to the camera system.

Hosted Services

All of the hosted services that Verkada cameras use run on servers we control based in the USA.

Summary View

  • Firmware: USA 100%
  • Hosted Services: Amazon Web Services*
  • Hardware: Trusted partners in Taiwan
  • Engineering Employees: 100% U.S.-based

* If you require another cloud-hosting provider, or require non-U.S. data center support, please speak with a Verkada sales team member

Data Security

From Day 1, we've made technology decisions that strengthen security and reduce risk for our customers. We've eliminated outdated equipment, such as NVRs and DVRs. We've avoided insecure protocols and practices, such as unencrypted RTSP video streams and port-forwarding. And we've designed Verkada systems to fully encrypt data at rest and in transit — with no special configuration required.

Verkada uses commercially reasonable efforts to deploy and uphold the following security best practices and standards:

  • Customer cloud data is only accessible with Verkada-controlled access keys
  • Production databases are firewalled to particular networks and require a username and password
  • Access to internal services is limited to encrypted connections or VPN
  • VPN access requires special keys, passphrases and/or passwords
  • External servers have firewalls that limit access to specific ports