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Find up to date information on how we safeguard your information, where our products are designed and manufactured, and how our system is performing in real time.


What Privacy Means to Verkada

Full Privacy Policy

All of Verkada’s products, beginning with our cameras, are built to prioritize people’s privacy. And while any data company will tell you the data they create or store is secure, that’s not always the case. Some of these companies are being disingenuous; others simply fail in their product design. But our commitment to privacy is real: privacy constitutes the foundation of our work, it is integral to our business model, and it underlies everything we do. And we are confident that we have built products that live up to our values.

Filip Kaliszan, CEO & Co-Founder, Verkada

Our Privacy Pillars


We give you the tools to control who has access to your data. With fine-grained role-based access and detailed audit logs, you can stay ahead of what happens across your organization. Most importantly—you own your data and maintain control over it.


Security means ensuring the integrity of any data and keeping it safe so that no one can access, compromise, or steal it from our clients. We’ve built our end-to-end solution from the ground up, so we can safeguard data by default, protecting it at every step in its journey.

You Control Your Data

Verkada puts protections in place while tracking every action taken on the platform to ensure accountability and full transparency.

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    Role-based Access

    With role-based access, admins have the tools they need to easily control who has access to their system—and what they do with that access.

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    Audit Logs

    Audit logs are maintained at the camera and organization level, giving admins complete visibility into the usage of their systems for compliance, internal controls or chain of custody purposes.

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    Data Ownership

    No third parties have access to your data without your knowledge and consent. Authorized Verkada staff are permitted to view system information only for the purpose of troubleshooting and software development.

Safety Right Out of the Box

As security threats evolve and adapt, so too, must organizations’ response to them. That’s why Verkada releases automatic updates to its firmware and software. These updates and security enhancements protect you and your critical data from known and emerging threats.

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    Hardware Security

    By working with trusted vendors to manufacture devices, we’re able to prioritize security from the start and ensure that all hardware and systems that store data on the devices are protected.

    • Trusted Manufacturers
    • Durable Design
    • Tamper Detection
    Learn About Hardware Security
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    Network Security

    Network security is one of the most critical components for any cloud-connected infrastructure. That’s why we pull out all the stops to ensure that data is protected as it’s transmitted over the network.

    All traffic that is transmitted over our network using both AES 128 and TLS v1.2. Thus, even if a malicious actor manages to compromise an intermediary network node, eavesdropping will yield them no interpretable information. Similarly, our cameras accept no inbound traffic and exclusively transmit data over HTTPS, thereby removing any access point for hackers to inject or embed custom code.

    • Encryption By Default
    • No Inbound Connections
    • Required Network Settings
    • No Port-Forwarding
    Learn About Network Security
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    Cloud Security

    At Verkada, we protect your data during transit and at rest in the cloud. We own the data pipeline end-to-end, so potential assailants have no publicly available means of entry, such as an insecure API.

    Once your data reaches the cloud, it enjoys industry-leading data security practices like automatic backup and unilateral AES 256 encryption. Everything is hosted on Amazon’s AWS servers, which feature some of the best data security and reliability on the planet. Even in the event that your internet access is lost, camera feeds can still be viewed via the local network.

    • AWS Security Measures
    • At-Rest Encryption
    • Automatic Cloud Backup
    • Local Data Residency
    Learn About Cloud Security
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    Application Security

    Verkada partners with the most trusted Single Sign-On (SSO) providers in industry, including Okta, Onelogin, Google Business Apps and Azure Active Directory. If you prefer to use 2 Factor Authentication, we offer that too.

    Even in the event an unintended party gains access, Verkada command gives you tools like Audit Logs and individual user permissions. These empower admins to revoke access to specific users at will and identify what they saw or changed.

    • Single Sign On
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Audit Logs
    • Automatic Software Updates
    • Regular Penetration Testing
    Learn About Application Security

Setting the Industry Standard

At Verkada, we strive to promote transparency at every level. We believe that both businesses and individuals have the right to know certain details about the products they buy. The first step to promoting greater transparency is to share information about where our products are made, how they're designed, and who designs them.

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    Verkada software and firmware engineering teams are based in the San Mateo, California. Our teams have full control over the software development lifecycle, and no component or service is written or introduced without thoroughly vetting it for performance, reliability and security.

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    Verkada hardware is made in Taiwan to our specifications by our highly trustworthy manufacturer partners, who themselves have in place strong compliance guidelines on privacy and cybersecurity. We control 100% of the software (firmware) that is loaded on to the device and have incorporated 256-bit SHA2 HMAC cryptographic integrity checking to ensure that only authentic and authorized software is uploaded to the camera system.

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    Hosted Services

    Verkada runs on secure AWS infrastructure. Our engineering teams leverage the scale, reliability and security of AWS to deliver our industry-leading SLA. Customers can choose to store their data on our AWS infrastructure in regions around the world, including the US, EU, Canada, and Australia.