AC12 One-Door Controller

Comprehensive Capabilities, Compact Design

Meet the AC12

The AC12 one-door controller minimizes installation cost and complexity for doors that would otherwise be difficult to secure with an electronic system.

1 X
12V/24V Door Port
1 X
PoE+ Output
2 X
REX Inputs Reader Inputs
1 X
DPI, AUX Input AUX Output

Cloud-managed access control for standalone doors

More complete door security with PoE passthrough

Bring added security and visibility to entryways by powering a Verkada context camera, alarm console or other peripheral device with PoE passthrough.

Simplified installation in nearly any location

The AC12 fits discreetly above high-visibility building entrances, within drop ceilings that provide air circulation, or in buildings where installing a larger controller may not be feasible.

Smarter access management with Verkada Command

Enhance entryway security - including setting up and maintaining access levels, door schedules and user credentials - from any device in any location with Verkada Command. 

All Access Controllers Include

  • Support for up to 10,000 Users
  • Unlimited Access Levels and Schedule Configurations
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Automatic Firmware and Software Upgrades
  • Native Camera Integration
  • Compute and Storage at the Edge
  • Support for Normal Operations During Internet Outages
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock


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