AC62 Door Controller

Enterprise-grade, enterprise-scale access control through a hybrid cloud architecture.

AC62 Door Controller

Verkada’s AC62 is an enterprise-ready access panel for access controlling up to 16 doors on a unit. Beyond scale, the AC62 seamlessly integrates with existing systems of readers, AUX relays and fire alarm interface panels. Like the rest of the Verkada suite, the AC62 integrates natively with Verkada Command for simplified, cloud-based management.

Key Features

  • Access Control Capabilities For 16 Doors
    Access Control Capabilities For 16 Doors
  • Supports Verkada and Weigand Readers
    Supports Verkada and Weigand Readers
  • Fire Alarm Interface Support
    Fire Alarm Interface Support
  • Native Cloud Integration
    Native Cloud Integration

Enterprise-Scale Access Control

Bring the functionality of native cloud-based access control and video security solution to more doors across campuses, offices and more.

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