Verkada Pass

Your digital keycard to accessing buildings.

Touchless Entry via Bluetooth

Leverage employee smartphones to unlock doors in order to increase security, provide convenience, and streamline commissioning through SSO integrations.

Cloud-Based Access Control for the Modern Enterprise

What Customers Are Saying

With Verkada Pass, organizations can quickly provision employees with cloud-based access control that scales easily across facilities.

Ratings and Reviews

Five Stars


Jun 20, 2020

Google Play

Bluetooth unlock is great

I don’t even carry my badge anymore. App looks great and Bluetooth works perfectly

Jun 30, 2021

App Store

Easy to use, awesome design, the future of access control

New update is amazing. Simple and intuitive design. Lockdowns at the tip of your finger and Bluetooth unlock is jaw droppingly fast.

Jun 27, 2021

App Store

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