Detect and Respond to Threats as They Happen

A modern alarm system with built-in professional monitoring to keep your people and property safe around the clock.

An Alarm System That Actually Works

Verkada Alarms lets you use any Verkada device to detect intruders on your property before they can do damage. Built-in professional monitoring helps screen out false alarms, and agents can take immediate action, from calling the police to talking down to the intruder.

  • Professional Monitoring

    Live agents that can detect, verify, and respond to threats on your behalf.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Intrusion sensors, alarm panels, and keypads for extra building protection.

  • Deterrence

    Scare off intruders with talk down speakers, sirens, and more.

  • Panic Buttons

    Customizable panic buttons that natively integrate with cameras.

How Verkada Alarms Works

Verkada Alarms helps to detect unusual activity, verify if there is a person present, and respond immediately - even when you’re not available.

Professional Monitoring for 24/7 Peace of Mind

Professional monitoring is included with Verkada Alarms, giving you a team of trained agents to detect, verify, and respond to threats on your behalf. Choose the level that fits your organization, from standard alarm monitoring to powerful video verification.

Built-in professional monitoring
Reduce in-person guards
Take action to stop intruders

Integrated Intrusion Detection

Wireless or wired intrusion sensors can provide additional protection against intruders. Monitoring agents can video-verify any event the sensors detect, and employees can manage the alarm system on-site or remotely.

Built-in video verification
Get priority police response
View and manage from anywhere

Effective Intrusion Deterrence

Verkada can help you scare off intruders before they do damage. Talk down to intruders through a powerful horn speaker, or let monitoring agents do it for you. You can also turn on sirens or strobe lights if an alarm is raised.

User or agent talk-down
Easy to configure
Compatible with third-party deterrence devices

Customizable Panic Buttons

Give employees a way to call for help in an emergency. Choose what happens when a panic button is pressed, from notifying the police to triggering a lockdown. You can also instantly share nearby camera feeds with first responders so they can see exactly what’s going on.

Choose the response
Instantly share camera feeds
Built for long range and battery life

Intrusion Detection for Modern Enterprises

  • Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse

    Prevented 10 attempted break-ins in five months.

  • Camping World

    Arrested an intruder before they could steal or damage any property.

  • Move It Storage

    Eliminated the need for in-person guards with professional video monitoring.

Try Verkada Alarms Free

30-day trial includes a Verkada camera, 24/7 professional monitoring, optional alarm hardware, and full access to management platform.