Alarm Console

A central device for on-site employees to monitor and manage their alarm system.

On-Site Alarm Management

The Alarm Console lets employees see and manage what is happening in their building, while increasing security.

  • Arm/disarm via keycode

  • Built-in wireless sensor hub

  • Integrated camera

  • Live camera feeds

  • Talk-down speaker and siren

  • Panic button

Your alarm system starts here

View live camera feeds, scare off intruders, and connect intrusion sensors, all from a single device.

Arm and disarm the building

A touchscreen keypad lets employees or designated third parties easily arm or disarm the alarm system. Command users are automatically granted a key code that works at every location they have access to.

Detect and deter intruders

Remotely keep an eye on your facilities with the Console’s integrated camera. On-site employees can also use the Console to view camera feeds around the building.

If there is an incident, users can remotely talk down to staff or intruders, or trigger a siren through the Console’s powerful internal speaker.

Connect wireless intrusion sensors

Increase your building’s security by using the Console’s built-in wireless hub to connect intrusion sensors, such as door contact or motion detectors. A single Console can pair with up to 60 sensors at a range of up to 1,000 ft.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated intrusion detection and deterrence

    With its integrated camera, speaker, and wireless hub, the Console helps you detect and respond to threats in real time.

  • Easier deployments

    Forget complex programming and third-party configurations. Simply plug in the Console, customize your settings in Command, and your alarm system is ready to go.

  • On-site and remote management

    Whether you’re on-site or miles away, monitor and manage your building directly from the Console or in Command.

  • At-a-glance site visibility deployments

    Quickly view device status and nearby camera feeds to see what’s happening in your building.

Product Specifications

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