Intrusion Detection

Secure your building with a full suite of cloud-managed intrusion detection devices.

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Alarm Keypad

The multi-functional Alarm Keypad lets you arm/disarm with a key code and see the status of every alarm device in the building. Live camera feeds help employees see what’s going on around the property for added security. And if you use wireless intrusion sensors, you can connect them right from the Keypad, no extra hardware needed.

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  • Arm/disarm keypad

  • Live camera viewing

  • Built-in wireless hub

Alarm Console

The Alarm Console lets employees see and manage what is happening in their building, while increasing security.

Users can arm/disarm the site via key code, detect suspicious activity with connected wireless intrusion sensors, and deter intruders with a powerful siren and talk-down speaker.

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  • Arm/disarm keypad

  • Integrated camera and powerful siren

  • Built-in wireless hub

Alarm Panels

For organizations that wish to continue using existing wired sensors, Verkada’s Alarm Panel provides plug-and-play simplicity. The Alarm Panel lets you input events from third-party wired sensors into Command, as well as remotely control emergency signaling outputs, such as sirens or strobe lights.

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  • 32 inputs and 2 programmable outputs

  • Compatible with third party wired sensors

  • Integrated video verification

Backup Cellular Module

Ensure that facilities are always protected with a backup LTE internet connection. The Cellular Module connects to the Alarm Keypad, Alarm Console, Wireless Hub, and Alarm Panel via USB.

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  • Multi-carrier SIM with automatic failover

  • Plug-and-play USB connection

  • Unlimited data plan

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