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24/7 professional video monitoring allows organizations to detect and respond to threats in real time, using only their cameras.

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Turn Cameras into a Monitored Alarm System

Professional video monitoring turns cameras into a complete alarm solution, no extra hardware required. Simply select which cameras should be monitored, set an arm/disarm schedule, and choose how monitoring agents should respond to a threat.

  • Intrusion

  • Vandalism

  • Theft

  • Loitering

  • Auto Tampering

  • Suspicious Person

How it Works

Key benefits

  • Unlimited video verification

    Unlimited video verification

  • Leverage cameras as intrusion sensors

    Leverage cameras as intrusion sensors

  • More complete coverage than in-person guard

    More complete coverage than in-person guard

  • No third-party contracts required

    No third-party contracts required

  • Easily configure settings

    Easily configure settings

Built-in Video Verification

Whether an alarm is triggered by a camera, access control, or intrusion sensor, monitoring agents can review footage and respond appropriately.

  • Eliminate False Alarms

    Event-based video verification helps eliminate false alarms, saving organizations time and money.

  • Priority Emergency Response

    Video-verified alarms are more likely to receive high priority from law enforcement.

  • An Extra Set of Eyes

    Trained monitoring agents can respond to alarms even during off hours when no one is available.

Talk down to intruders

Sirens or strobe lights can help scare off intruders, but nothing works quite like a human voice.

If an alarm is triggered, professional monitoring agents can talk down to intruders through Verkada’s powerful BZ11 Horn Speaker.

See how organizations are stopping crimes with 24/7 professional monitoring

  • Old Cannery

    Prevented 10 attempted break-ins in five months.

  • GEM Supply Company

    Arrested a repeat intruder using Verkada cameras and professional monitoring.

  • MoveIt Storage

    Arrested two intruders in the first 30 days of using 24/7 professional monitoring.

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