A Year in Review

Dervilla Lannon Sep 23, 2021
Dervilla Lannon
Dervilla Lannon is Verkada’s Vice President of People. She feels very fortunate to be able to marry her two passions- people and philanthropy- in her role. As VP of People, she is excited to play a part in ensuring that employee satisfaction, engagement and the overall employee experience is elevated. Through her involvement with Verkada Gives, she has the privilege of helping communities that are most in need. Dervilla has extensive experience in international corporate and securities laws, finance, strategy and technology. Dervilla is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, the Law Society of Ireland and the Law Society of England and Wales.

LinkedIn Names Verkada Among Top Startups for Third Straight Year

Today, we are honored to be selected as one of LinkedIn's Top Startups for the third year in a row.


Wellness through Fitness: The Goals Behind Verkada Fit, with Chair Jonathan Pickard

We are thrilled to introduce Jonathan Pickard, chair of our newest community—Verkada Fit—an employee resource group dedicated to enhancing physical and mental well-being at Verkada.