Building the next generation of sales talent at Verkademy

Ryan Bettencourt Dec 15, 2022
Ryan Bettencourt
Ryan Bettencourt is Verkada's VP of Global Sales. He is passionate about building high-performance sales teams from the ground up and delivering world-class solutions to customers.

Join our new engineering hub in Poland

Today marks an exciting milestone for our team: we’re opening an international engineering hub in Krakow, Poland. This new hub will become a critical extension of our global team as we develop the operating system for the physical world.


The Security Industry's MVPs: National Security Technician Day 2023

In honor of the first National Security Technician Day, the Verkada team would like to thank and celebrate the critical work of all security technicians worldwide. At Verkada, it’s our mission to protect people, property and privacy by building systems that safeguard the physical world. Security technicians are on the frontline of this mission every day as they help individuals and organizations ​​install and maintain the technology that allows them to run safer, more efficient buildings.