Discover the latest in video security news, trends and strategies.

A Guide to Remote Video Monitoring

What's Inside

  • Summary of Trade-offs and Deployment Requirements for Each Type of Camera System
  • Identification of Common Bottlenecks and Hidden Costs of Ownership
  • Features to Look for in Video Management Software to Improve Response Time, Ease of Use, and Data Security

Protecting Your IoT Platform from Cyberattacks

What's Inside

  • IoT Trends: Security’s Coming of Age
  • Total Cost Analysis: Long Term Impacts of a Data Breach
  • Top IoT Security Threats: Breakdown & Prevention Methods
  • Bonus: Cybersecurity Audit Checklist

How to Choose the Right Security Camera System for Your Organization

What's Inside

  • A Comparison of NVR/DVR, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Camera Systems
  • 6 Steps to a Successful Video Security Deployment
  • Bonus: “What to Expect” - A Vendor Evaluation Checklist

Cybersecurity for Video Surveillance Systems

What's Inside

  • A Look at Security Threats Inherent to NVR and DVR Camera Systems
  • 5 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Enterprise Camera System
  • Bonus: Vendor Selection Worksheet - A Security Protocols Checklist

The Future of Enterprise Video Surveillance

What's Inside

  • A Comparison of NVR/DVR and Hybrid Cloud Camera Systems
  • A Breakdown of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • 3 Major Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Video Storage

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