Simplify Security at Scale

Full Functionality With Minimal Bandwidth

Verkada cameras store footage locally and send encrypted thumbnails to the cloud, streaming only when viewed. With bandwidth as low as 20-50 kbps, easily scale to thousands of cameras per location.

Bring Speed and Simplicity to Investigations

Search across your camera fleet and retrieve footage in seconds. Consolidate relevant footage in one place to streamline incident management and simplify reporting.

Improve Visibility with Centralized Management

Effortlessly manage camera fleets across multiple sites with our centralized Command platform. Bring all your camera feeds together in one place and grant secure access to your entire team, no matter where they are.

Experience the Advantages of a Cloud-Managed Solution

Gain a unified view of activity of events across all devices and sites. Receive nearly instant customized alerts for offline cameras or unusual activity. Share live footage via SMS and email in just a few clicks.

Included With the Purchase of a Verkada Camera

* The CP52-E, CD22 and CD22-E cameras come with a 5-year warranty.

Key Features

Thoughtfully Designed

Our devices are built to be secure, starting with the hardware to the systems that store data.

  • <span>Durable </span>Design

    Durable Design

  • <span>Tamper </span>Detection

    Tamper Detection

  • <span>Trusted </span>Manufacturers

    Trusted Manufacturers

  • Encrypted in-transit and at-rest

    Encrypted in-transit and at-rest

Frequently Asked Questions

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