“Video Monitoring”

Apr 14

Improve Response Times By Sharing an Entire Site or Floor Plan

From sharing a live camera feed with first responders to sending archived footage to people outside the organization, Verkada’s link sharing feature is critical for our customers. Today, we’re taking link sharing another step forward with our newest capability—users can now share an entire Site or Floor Plan directly from the Command platform.

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Apr 7

Building a Camera-Based Sensor Network

At Verkada, we are developing ground-breaking features to display real-time insights into what is happening across facilities. By leveraging the onboard processing and edge-based computing capabilities of our cameras, we’re able to introduce novel ways to analyze and visualize data. Cameras no longer serve as just a means for video analysis, but can also be used as a network of intelligent camera-based sensors.

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Mar 20

Focus on the Right Feeds with Motion Tiles

Building off of the powerful capabilities of Verkada’s VX51 Viewing station, today we’re introducing the ability to add dynamic Motion Tiles. With Motion Tiles, the Viewing Station intelligently selects video feeds that are most important and brings them into a dedicated tile. Using machine learning, this designated motion tile will switch to feeds where a significant amount of motion is detected, allowing viewers to quickly see important activity and take any necessary action.

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