Trust Hub

Our mission is to protect people and places in a privacy-sensitive way. We do this by helping our customers operate smarter, safer buildings.  With such a bold mission, we know that first and foremost we must earn our customers’ trust — trust in us as a company and in our products. To earn that trust, we center our business around five pillars:


How we treat the data we collect and provide transparency and control around our data-handling practices

Privacy is part of our product DNA. From our founding, we have strived to design and build our products and services with privacy in mind. We do this so that our platforms can provide our customers with the security and functionality they want – and in a way that respects the privacy of the people who interact with their organization. Our ongoing commitment to privacy begins with these principles:

  • Customer data – the data generated by using our products (such as camera footage) – is owned and controlled by our customers. Because of this, our customers can get to:
      • choose how long camera footage is processed and stored on their devices
      • decide which video clips are archived and with whom they are shared
      • decide when authorized Verkada employees can view their footage solely for the purposes of troubleshooting and software development
    . . . and a whole lot more. We want our customers to fully own their data.
    Customers also control when and how their data is accessed or shared. For example:
      • An organisation’s admins decide who has access to their system — and what they can do with that access, using Command’s role-based access control.
      • Admins see the usage of their systems for compliance, internal controls or chain of custody purposes via audit logs maintained at both the camera and organisation level.
      • We don’t commingle or aggregate customer data such as camera footage with other customers’ data without first express authorisation.
      • We don’t use customer data to improve our products and services without first asking for and getting consent from our customers.
    • Verkada does not sell the data customers generate using our products — we don’t need to and we don’t want to.
  • We build our products and services with privacy in mind so that our platform gives our customers the security and functionality they want, in ways that respect the privacy of the people who interact with their organization. Verkada’s products are shipped without sensitive settings enabled by default . This way, customers don’t have to worry about settings out of the box and can enable these features when and if they want to. For example:
      • By default, camera footage is stored on device, under control and ownership of our customer – and only is stored on the cloud as a backup if the customer specifically selects that option.
      • Our products do not monitor people’s movements outside their installed locations.
      • The People Analytics feature is disabled by default, giving the customer the control to decide if and when to enable it.
  • We’re committed to providing our customers with visibility into their system and settings so that they can take steps to comply with their own standards and provide visitors with visibility into their practices.
      • Many of our features that touch on privacy issues are disabled by default, and when a user enables them, we provide in-product notifications to ensure users are informed and aware.
      • Customers can see what actions have been taken in Verkada’s Command platform, who has accessed data (including access by Verkada Support), and who else is actively accessing footage via Audit Logs.
      • Customers can share links to live feeds, and with the Active Viewers feature, administrators can see who is viewing feeds both inside and outside of their organisation.
      • If Verkada receives a law enforcement request for customer-generated data, we will inform the customer (unless we legally aren’t allowed to) so they have an opportunity to be heard before we turn over any of their data.
      • Customers can show those who interact with their system a list of the specific types of devices installed and which features are enabled on those devices at a specific site with Verkada’s Public Security and Privacy Disclosures.
    We’re also committed to providing transparency into what data we collect, what we do with it, and how our products work. This information is provided in our Help Center and Datasheets and written into our Privacy Statement and End User Agreement.
  • Verkada’s mission is to build products that protect people and places with privacy in mind. To do that we offer features that collect, present, or maintain data in amounts proportional to the particular use case. For instance,
      • The Privacy Regions setting enables customers to prevent specific areas within a camera’s view from being recorded.
      • Features that may capture more sensitive data, such as People Analytics, are turned off by default, enabling our customers to be deliberate about their use of these features and what data they collect in the process.
      • The Face Blur feature gives customers the option to blur faces when sharing archived footage with third parties.