Why Verkada?

See why industry experts choose Verkada’s hybrid cloud solution to scale security and simplify management.


  • Ease of Use (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Quickly find footage with advanced search filters
    • Share access to live camera feeds via link or SMS
    • Manage system health and user permissions
  • Secure By Default (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Eliminate the NVR and common cyber threats
    • Protect data with encrypted in transit and at-rest
    • Leverage AWS to store data securely in the cloud
  • Remote Accessibility (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Manage cameras across sites in one dashboard
    • Access footage from any device or browser
    • Find, share, and archive footage in seconds
  • Bandwidth Friendly (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Deploy cloud cameras that operate at 20kbps
    • Get reliable performance in low-bandwidth areas
    • Scale coverage without impacting network speed
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage (1-MIN)

    Discover How To
    • Store footage locally without NVRs or DVRS
    • Get the reliability of local & cloud storage
    • Store footage indefinitely with cloud archiving