Verkada Mailroom

Streamline mailroom deliveries with a simple app to scan packages, notify recipients and manage deliveries.

Take the work out of mailroom management

Reduce manual processes of logging and managing shipments. With Verkada Mailroom, easily keep track of inventory, supplies and deliveries at all times. Simply scan the label on any parcel and Mailroom will instantly notify the recipient - no hardware required.

Streamline mailroom operations

In just one click, Mailroom scans the label, matches the name to an employee in your directory, and sends a notification. Office managers can access the dashboard for more detailed reporting, such as tracking numbers, carrier names and more.

Ensure recipients never miss a package

Keep employees happy with simple package pickup. Automated notifications and reminders across Slack, SMS and email ensure they never forget their packages, while photos and printed labels make finding their delivery easier than ever.

Make your mailroom more secure

With Verkada’s camera integration, office managers can see a live view of all mailroom activity and a historical snapshot of when the package got scanned. Simply double-click to view historical footage and easily investigate lost packages.

Key Features

All the features you need to welcome visitors and maintain visibility and control of your building’s security.

  • Label OCR scanning

  • Package photo validation

  • User directory integration

  • Instant recipient notifications

  • Automatic pickup reminders

  • Mailroom dashboard

  • Filterable search

  • Verkada Video Security integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Try Verkada Mailroom for free

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