Verkada for Manufacturing Safety & Industrial Security

  • Enhance workplace safety

    Enable real-time alerts and faster emergency response from a centralized platform.

  • Protect from liability claims

    Save footage to unlimited cloud-based archives, time-stamped to ensure usability in court.

  • Maximize efficiency and minimize costs

    Ensure long-term reliability with up to 10-year warranty on devices, built for durability and management at scale.

Manage industrial safety from anywhere

Oversee manufacturing operations and respond quickly to incidents from Verkada’s mobile app.

  • Receive push notifications and email alerts for meaningful events.

  • Review incident clips from a simple mobile app or web browser.

  • Save and share footage, or send live links to local authorities in seconds.

Improve workplace health and safety

Maintain EPA and OSHA compliance by monitoring for environmental conditions such as noise level and air quality.

Manage deliveries and inventory

Easily scan and manage incoming packages from a mobile device, send automated notifications to recipients and pair with cameras to see when people enter and leave supply rooms.

Protect workers and prevent false claims

Monitor activity with live camera feeds and easily play back footage to instantly detect important activity. Reduce false alarms by providing a 30-second video clip to our monitoring agents to filter out true threats.

Secure critical areas with ease

Simplify access control with site and role-based access permissions for workers. Leverage natively integrated cameras to visually confirm who enters the premises and when.

Streamline production monitoring with video-linked ERP system

Link video evidence with your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to track goods at every stage of production.

One platform for industrial security

Easily monitor, detect and respond to incidents across manufacturing sites

Proactively protect workers and worksites at scale with a single platform to:

  • Monitor and manage devices
  • Detect and resolve incidents
  • Generate and respond to alerts

Key product offerings

  • Up to 10-year warranty and predictable renewal costs
  • No NVRs or DVRs – up to 365 days of onboard storage
  • Access from anywhere – no port-forwarding or VPNs
  • 24/7 technical support via email, phone or live chat
  • Bandwidth-friendly at 20-50 kbps in "steady state" mode
  • Enhanced user security with 2FA/SAML authentication
  • Unlimited user seats and cloud archiving
  • Automatic updates to unlock features and maintain security

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