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Create safer spaces to enable outstanding care 

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Protect Patients and Frontline Staff

Promote a safe environment to support exceptional care

Accelerate investigations and response times

From locating missing patients to investigating altercations, quickly search across your entire camera fleet in just minutes. Use face search, motion search, or simply describe people or vehicles using everyday language in a search bar.

Enable staff and security teams to rapidly respond to incidents by accessing footage from any device, anywhere, and auto-generating incident reports. Protect bystanders' privacy by blurring their faces in video evidence before sharing with police via SMS or a direct link.

Help staff feel safer at work

With the prevalence of workplace violence, panic buttons at nurses’ stations or reception desks offer a critical lifeline during heated incidents. With one click, frontline staff can promptly alert internal security, dispatch the police, or activate visual or loudspeaker warnings to raise internal alerts. Pair Verkada cameras with panic buttons to quickly pull up high-resolution footage of the incident and expedite emergency response.

Safeguard newborns, patients, and seniors

With Helix, automatically sync real-time location system (RTLS) data with video footage to gain visual context and quickly locate missing children, patients, and costly medical equipment. Automatically lock down doors to deter unauthorized removal of newborns by pairing Verkada controlled doors with your infant abduction prevention system. AI-enabled cameras can alert you in seconds when at-risk patients or seniors are detected outside their rooms or the facility.

Monitor safety in a privacy-respecting way

With remote access to camera feeds, care staff can conveniently monitor patients from their desks while reducing burnout. Detect patient distress or self-harm behaviors early to enable quick intervention. Maintain patient privacy and help support HIPAA data minimization requirements by blurring faces on live footage, setting privacy regions, and tiering user permissions, such as restricting staff to view only live camera streams.

Enhance Building Security

Deter threats and unauthorized access

Increase visitor security 

Instead of paper logbooks, impress visitors and outpatients with a seamless check-in experience that safeguards PHI – featuring built-in photo ID capture, badge printing, screening forms, e-signing, and native EMR and EHR integrations. Automatically check visitors against patient-specific and sitewide watchlists, as well as optional known offender databases. Real-time visibility allows front desk staff to enforce visitor limits and verify authorized visitors at checkpoints like ICUs.

Protect critical access points

Centrally manage thousands of doors and employee access credentials, with the ability to auto provision and deprovision credentials. Guard against theft and trespassing in staff-only areas, IT rooms, and medication storage areas with role-based permissions or badge-in and badge-out policies. Get alerted right away to any forced entries, tailgating, or wire tampering. If a breach happens, quickly view video clips of the door events to hasten response.

Keep bad actors out

Video intercoms installed outside of lobby entrances or loading docks allow staff to answer calls and visually verify appointment holders, visitors, and deliveries prior to granting access. Flag past offenders or restricted visitors as persons of interest (POIs) and link any associated license plates. Receive alerts when they drive in or return to any of your healthcare facilities.

Enhance perimeter security

Enhance staff safety at night with proactive loitering and crowd alerts, along with long-range infrared cameras installed in parking lots. Safeguard assets and patient records with rapid intrusion detection for motion, door, and glass break events. Trained virtual agents can quickly verify if a real person is present before calling the police, helping to ensure priority response.

Optimize Care Operations

Enhance patient care and operational efficiency

Deliver a better patient experience

Use Occupancy Trends and heatmaps to track inbound and outbound traffic and activity hotspots in outpatient clinics, senior care facilities, and across hospital departments such as ER, radiology, laboratories, and pharmacies. Apply these insights to pinpoint busy times and optimize staffing, helping to decrease wait times and reduce patient frustration.

Maintain environments with air quality sensors

Safeguard medicines and supplies from damage with real-time alerts for humidity, temperature, and air quality in storage units or refrigerators. Minimize operational disruptions by monitoring IT and MDF/IDF rooms for temperature and humidity fluctuations. Detect unhealthy air, elevated noise levels, and illicit smoking or vaping to protect patients and staff.

Audit processes more effectively

Maintain high standards of care by easily auditing critical processes such as sanitation, infection control, and medication preparation. Quickly investigate medication errors with intuitive search filters or sync your Pharmacy Management System (PMS) with Verkada for rapid footage retrieval. Use video insights to improve staff training and reduce future errors.

Enable remote care monitoring

With bandwidth-efficient cameras that install in minutes via PoE, quickly set up temporary monitoring zones for patients in specialized or critical care, whether in wards, rooms, or residences. Video data is protected through encryption at rest and in transit, support for SSO and MFA, and tampering alerts for added security.

Recommended Solutions for Hospitals and Clinics

Scale your security operations across all your locations with state-of-the-art security products that consolidate into a single cloud-managed platform, accessible from anywhere.

Video Security

Strengthen liability protection with AI-enabled cameras that record 24/7, are bandwidth-efficient, and store up to 365 days of footage, so you'll never miss an incident. Plus, easily monitor up to 300 live camera feeds in real time with Viewing Stations.

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Safeguard against theft and trespassing with an integrated alarm system of intrusion sensors, alarm panels and keypads, and built-in professional monitoring. Easily configure settings without calling a third party.

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Panic Button 

Provide nurses and front desk staff with one-click emergency assistance.

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Access Control

Provide a modern entry experience with mobile credentials or badges. Pair access-controlled doors with cameras for added visual context on door events, including forced openings and tailgating.

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Safeguard lobby entrances and loading docks – see who is at the door, answer calls from anywhere, and remotely grant access.

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Air Quality Sensors

Maintain optimal environmental conditions in pharmacies, medication storage areas, IT/server rooms, and MDF/IDF closets. Customize alerts for noise, temperature, humidity, TVOCs, PM 2.5, and other air quality indicators.

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Deliver a seamless digital check-in experience for visitors and outpatients with built-in EMR and EHR integrations.

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Cellular Gateway

Easily install Verkada cameras and devices in hard-to-wire locations like parking lots or for temporary monitoring zones.

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Real-World Results from

Our Healthcare Customers

$500,000+ saved over 10 years

Matthew Shaw, Director of Infrastructure and Information Services

Prism Health

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98% time-savings for front desk operations

Josh Scott, VP of IT Infrastructure and Service

HealthPRO Heritage

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20 investigation hours saved per month

Stinson Lamb, Associate Director of Facilities

Helix, Inc.

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145 cameras deployed across 30+ locations to protect 700 employees

Marshall Frost, VP of Corporate Systems

Avita Pharmacy

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"Investigations take minutes when they used to take hours."

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