Verkada Certified Engineer Program

This program currently consists of two courses: VCE Essentials and VCE Access Control Specialist. Each course is designed to help you become a technical expert in all Verkada product lines to better architect and implement security and building solutions.

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VCE Essentials

The Verkada Certified Engineer (VCE) Essentials course is a one-day training consisting of in-person, hands-on training with Verkada products. You'll learn how to properly test, deploy, and implement the Verkada Technology stack in customer environments.

1-Day Course Outline

  • Product Suite Overview (Cameras, Access Control, Air Quality, Alarms, Workplace)
  • System Architecture
  • Networking Best Practices
  • User Management and Permissioning
  • Notifications and Alerts 
  • Feature Reviews
  • Installations, Accessories, and Mounts
  • Integrations

Who should enroll:

  • Verkada Partners & Security Integrators that have a solid background in Physical Security Infrastructure, Networking, and/or Cloud Technologies
  • Technical consultants who work directly with Verkada Customers, Solutions Engineers, and Account Executives
  • Partners who provide technical support to their sales team and assist in designing security system recommendations, product recommendations, and technical evaluations

VCE Access Control Specialist

The VCE Access Control (AC) Specialist course is a two-day deep dive into all things Access Control. The course will provide you exposure to advanced Verkada-specific AC topics and provide time for hands-on labs and exercises, as well as installation and deployment best practices.

Day 1 Overview : Training and Hands-on Labs

  • Access Control Fundamentals
  • Verkada Hardware & Wiring
  • Software Configurations & Implementations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best Practices when Approaching Existing Systems
  • Life Cycle of a Verkada Install Project

Day 2 Overview : Practical and Written Exam

  • 3.5 hour time slot split between the two exams
  • Written, multiple choice exam
  • Hands-on, practical exam emulating a real-life deployment

Who should enroll:

This course is recommended for Individuals who have:

  • At least 2 years of Access Control experience and
  • Completed the VCE Essentials course

If you do not meet these requirements but feel you’re a good candidate for this course, please reach out to your channel account manager.

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