Multisensor Series

4 Independent Sensors, 1 Camera, 0 Compromises
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CH52-E Multisensor

Ideal for expansive coverage and efficient installation, Verkada's AI-enabled multisensor camera packs four independent camera systems into a single device. With no shared storage or processing dependencies, each sensor delivers powerful functionality without any compromise.
  • 20 MP
    Image Resolution
  • 30 M
    IR Range
  • 2.5 X
    Optical Zoom
  • IP66
    And IK10 Rated

Why Hybrid Cloud Video Security?

  • Simple to Install

    PoE cameras are online and fully operational in minutes.

  • No NVRs or DVRs

    Store up to 365 days of standard quality footage locally.

  • Easy to Scale

    Multisensor cameras operate at 80-200kbps (20-50kbps per sensor)

  • Remote Management

    Modern platform enables secure access on any device, anywhere.

  • Cloud-Managed Solution

    Manage cameras with Command, a web-based platform.

  • Always Evolving

    Unlock features and maintain security through automatic updates.

Key Features

Minimize Blind Spots, Maximize Detail

Comprehensively cover a wide area with four 5MP varifocal sensors. Magnify key details at a distance with 2.5x optical zoom.

Customize Coverage with Adjustable Sensors

Independently arrange each sensor for optimal coverage at your install point. Adjust the field of view for walls, corners and open areas.

Better Detection Accuracy with Powerful Processing

Four next-generation processors deliver crisp images and support advanced detection, alerting, and AI-powered analytics capabilities.

Withstand Extreme Weather, Resist Vandals

Built with enterprise-grade components to withstand extreme conditions, the multisensor has vandal resistant IK10 and weather resistant IP66 ratings.

Easy Installation, Lower Costs

Save up to 75% on install costs by eliminating the need for multiple single-sensor cameras and cable runs. Verkada’s multisensor operates on a single PoE++ port.

Multisensor Camera Includes

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