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Empower a Safety-First Culture

Effectively mitigate environmental, health, and safety risks

Speed up investigations and documentation

Rapidly investigate workers’ compensation claims, near misses, and injuries using face search or by describing people or vehicles in a simple search bar. Leverage incident video to identify false claims, improve safety measures, and enhance employee training.

Empower HR, Operations, and EHS teams with an intuitive platform for accessing footage, sharing notes, and managing all incident records in one place. Strengthen liability protection by preserving crucial evidence with unlimited video archiving.

Safeguard against health hazards

Monitor labs and production areas for noise, smoke, temperature, formaldehyde, TVOCs, and other air quality indicators. Get alerted right away when conditions exceed acceptable levels. Track and protect against fine particles (PM 2.5) and larger air pollutants (PM 4 and PM 10) like dust and soot, which are harmful at elevated levels. Set HVAC systems to automatically respond to indoor air quality readings using Verkada’s BACnet integration.

Mitigate the risk of accidents

Spot safety risks such as forklifts going the wrong way or workers lingering too close to machinery. Proactively reduce accidents by triggering warning messages via loudspeakers when cameras detect individuals or vehicles approaching at-risk areas. Easily verify PPE compliance by simply typing into a search bar to check for individuals wearing safety vests, goggles, hardhats, or other required gear.

Accelerate emergency response

In case of active threats or disgruntled individuals, lock down entrances or initiate a panic call at the touch of a button. Know who is safe or missing during an emergency evacuation with pre-built roll call reports, badge readers at muster stations, and automated visitor logs. Instantly share floor plans and live camera feeds with first responders via SMS or a direct link, providing eyes on the ground for an effective response.

Strengthen Site Security

Fill security gaps and meet evolving compliance needs

Enhance perimeter security

Catch trespassers and thieves the moment they enter your premises or cross a physical – or virtual – fence line using powerful alerts for line crossings, loitering, and motion. Get notified immediately if persons of interests (POIs) and their associated license plates are detected returning to your facilities. Augment on-site security with trained, remote monitoring agents who can verify intruders, contact the police, and scare off intruders via powerful speakers.

Protect critical access points

Centrally manage thousands of doors, sites, and employee access credentials from a web-based platform. Strengthen security by automatically logging all access events and approving vehicle entry using license plate recognition. Safeguard sensitive areas like labs, IT rooms, and production areas with role-based permissions and anti-passback policies. Any badging violations or tailgating activity trigger instant alerts.

Keep track of on-site visitors

Unlike paper records, digital visitor logs are search-friendly and immune to loss. Impress visitors with a seamless check-in experience that includes built-in photo ID capture, required safety videos, color-coded badge printing, and electronic document signing. Enhance building security with auto-deny lists and integrated video security that allows you to easily trace visitor activity throughout your facilities.

Satisfy regulations and customer needs

Meet regulatory compliance and customer needs with Verkada’s comprehensive platform. Effectively address security gaps in your camera retention, coverage, access control, alarms, and environmental monitoring. Easily monitor vast spaces and outdoor yards with pan-tilt-zoom and LPR-enabled bullet cameras, built for tough environments (IP66, IP67 and IK10 rated).

Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

Enhance plant operations and minimize downtime

Improve quality management

Use batch or serial numbers to quickly surface relevant footage via Helix, Verkada’s video search engine, to investigate product defects, identify affected batches for product recalls, and analyze root causes of quality issues. Easily spot-check quality assurance processes, such as sanitation and testing protocols, with remote access to footage.

Maximize production with Helix

Transform your ERP, manufacturing execution system (MES), or any third-party data into smart search filters via Helix, and instantly access the right footage to gain a deeper understanding of your production processes. Use high-definition video to uncover the underlying causes of low throughput, high scrap rates, machine failures, and other inefficiencies.

Monitor operations more effectively

Save time by monitoring real-time floor operations and inventory levels across multiple sites, directly from your desk. Reduce costly downtime with early visual detection of stoppages, or review footage later to pinpoint areas for improvement. Get instant notifications for less-than-ideal environmental conditions to help prevent production issues, contamination, and spoilage.

Optimize warehouse operations

With heatmaps, identify areas of traffic congestion and movement waste to optimize floor layout, inventory placement, and forklift paths. Protect dock access with video intercoms by verifying drivers visually before granting entry. Remotely monitor loading bays to help ensure accurate receipt of raw materials, audit freight handling protocols, and determine responsibility for any damages or shortages.

Recommended Solutions

Enhance security and mitigate compliance risks with state-of-the-art security products that consolidate into a single cloud-managed platform, accessible from anywhere.

Video Security

Never miss an incident with industrial-grade, AI-enabled cameras that record 24/7, are bandwidth-efficient, and store up to 365 days of footage. Select from various camera models, including NDAA-compliant options. Plus, easily monitor operations in real time with Viewing Stations.

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Safeguard against theft and trespassing with an integrated alarm system of intrusion sensors, alarm panels and keypads, and built-in professional monitoring. Easily configure settings without calling a third party.

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Access Control

Automatically provision and deprovision thousands of employee access credentials through Azure AD and SCIM integration. Simplify access at gates with LPR-enabled entry for approved license plates.

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Safeguard lobby entrances and loading docks – see who is at the door, answer calls from anywhere, and remotely grant access.

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Air Quality Sensors

Customize alerts for noise, smoke, temperature, formaldehyde, TVOCs, and other air quality indicators to protect against health hazards in labs and production areas.

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Delight visitors with a seamless check-in experience, including built-in photo ID capture, required safety videos, color-coded badge printing, and more. Customize the experience to each guest type customers, regulatory inspectors, contractors, suppliers, and truck drivers.

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Cellular Gateway

Easily install Verkada cameras and devices in hard-to-wire locations like parking lots, gates, and outdoor yards.

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Real-World Results from

Our Manufacturing Customers

98% faster investigations

Jai Munday, Information Technology System Manager

Allstone Quarries

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3x faster incident response time

Russ Shepard, Vice President of Information Technology


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15-minute investigations

Ray Dempz, Senior IT Manager

Akron Bio

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3 break-ins caught by Verkada in 6 months

Juan Yanez, Engineering & Facilities Manager

Germains Seed Technology

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reduction in cycle time and a 34% decrease in labor requirements

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