How to Write an RFP for a Video Security Installation

Idan Koren Feb 13, 2019
Idan Koren
Idan Koren is the VP of Marketing at Verkada. Previously, Idan served as co-founder and president of WedPics and was the CFO of CourseRank.

Introducing Heatmaps and Bounding Boxes: Cameras as a Sensor

With Heatmaps and Bounding Boxes, your Verkada security camera becomes a sensor that can plot the location and duration of people and vehicles in a frame—giving users the ability to summarize hours of data quickly and jump to a specific segment of interest.


Announcing Audit Logs: Ensuring Compliance and Chain of Custody

For organizations that need to be able to track all user actions—be it for compliance, internal controls or chain of custody purposes—Verkada is pleased to offer Audit Logs.