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Take your retail security to a whole new level

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Supercharge Loss Prevention

Reduce shrinkage across your stores and distribution centers

Investigate in seconds

From thefts to slips and falls, easily search across your entire camera fleet with powerful AI-based analytics for motion, people, vehicles, and license plates.

Track suspicious individuals in stores in real time with Shortcuts. Navigate seamlessly across nearby camera feeds without losing visual contact.

Fight fraud with Helix

Unlock powerful anti-fraud measures with Helix, Verkada’s engine for turning your point-of-sale (POS) or any third-party data into searchable criteria. Use transaction details to rapidly surface video evidence to prove chargeback fraud, detect fraudulent returns, uncover sweethearting, and validate missing item claims.

Catch repeat offenders

Catch returning shoplifters or organized theft groups the moment they drive in or enter any store with instant alerts for persons of interest (POIs) and their associated license plates. Sync RFID-based EAS alerts via Helix to easily pull up shoplifting footage and identify offenders. Track their activity across stores, manage all video evidence in one place, and auto-generate incident reports for law enforcement.

Combat cargo theft

Monitor yards, loading docks, and cargo trucks across your distribution network for potential theft and suspicious activity. Restrict door access to only authorized personnel and set alerts for trespassing. Automatically log all incoming cargo trucks using license plate recognition and enable LPR-based entry at gates for approved license plates.

Defend Against Threats

Proactively protect store associates, merchandise, and property

Detect break-ins after hours

Spot intruders right away on your property with customizable alarm triggers for door, motion, and glass break events. Live monitoring agents can immediately video verify if there is a real person present, talk down to intruders, and notify the police – all on your behalf.

Trigger emergency response with one click

Equip store associates with wearable or mounted wireless panic buttons for emergency assistance. With one click, alert internal security teams, initiate a door lockdown, or call the police directly in case of aggressive customers or violent incidents.

Guard perimeters with proactive defenses

Customize alerts for loitering, line crossings, and motion to safeguard your properties’ perimeters. Get alerted instantly when a person or vehicle trespasses after hours and automatically deploy pre-set emergency protocols.

Safeguard against unauthorized access

Centrally manage all door schedules, control site access, and auto provision employee access credentials from a web-based platform. Offer employees the convenience of mobile credentials or badged entry, while avoiding the security risks and rekeying expenses of key-based systems.

Drive Peak Performance

Increase efficiency across your store and warehouse operations

Improve warehouse operations

Maximize productivity with video analytics that can pinpoint areas for improvement, including traffic congestion, inefficient inventory placement, and suboptimal forklift paths. Swiftly retrieve footage to understand the root cause of accidents and refute any false liability claims.

Optimize store performance

Use advanced video analytics – Occupancy Trends and People Heatmaps – to understand footfall, traffic flow, and sales conversion. Apply these data-driven insights to optimize store layouts, staffing, and promotional activities. Easily audit customer interactions across stores with remote access to camera feeds, enhancing customer experience and reducing potential liabilities.

Remotely monitor and manage deliveries

Know when a shipment has arrived in your stores or warehouses with AI-powered vehicle alerts. Leverage video intercoms to answer calls, view who is at the door, and grant access remotely from a mobile phone, VoIP phone, or desktop device.

Maintain environments with air quality sensors

Minimize product loss and damage with real-time alerts for humidity, temperature, and air quality, so you can take swift, corrective action. Protect IT rooms and MDF/IDF closets from temperature and humidity fluctuations. Detect early signs of fires as well as smoking or vaping in public restrooms or prohibited areas.

Recommended Solutions

Achieve your loss prevention and security goals with state-of-the-art security products that consolidate into a single cloud-managed platform, accessible from anywhere.

Video Security

Never miss an incident with AI-enabled cameras that record 24/7, are bandwidth-efficient, and store up to 365 days of footage. Plus, easily monitor in real time with Viewing Stations.

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Secure stores with an integrated alarm system of intrusion sensors, alarm panels and keypads, and built-in professional monitoring. Easily configure settings without calling a third party.

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Panic Button

Provide store associates with one-click emergency assistance.

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Access Control

Centralize access management across all stores. Easily automate door schedules, establish role-based permissions, and set real-time alerts for door events.

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Streamline merchandise deliveries – see who is at the door, answer calls from anywhere, and remotely grant access.

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Air Quality Sensors

Customize alerts for temperature, humidity, vaping, and air quality in stockrooms, public restrooms, and IT closets to detect anomalies.

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Cellular Gateway

No internet. No problem. Easily deploy camera towers, including optional horn speakers, in hard-to-wire locations like store parking lots for effective crime deterrence.

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Real-World Results

from Our Retail Customers

2x faster point-of-sale investigations with Verkada Helix

Chris O’Dell, Chief Technology Officer

Mike’s Bikes

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10 attempted break-ins caught by Verkada within the first five months

Gabe Long, Director of IT

The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse

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30% cost reduction with Verkada compared to other solutions

Federico Abis, Information Technology Manager


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$150,000+ annual savings by eliminating false alarm fines and alarm servicing costs

Regan Bartley, Owner and Marketing Director

Smoker Friendly

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reduction in shrinkage and an incremental $60,000+ in profitability per year

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