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Product Updates

Redesigned Security Screen Workflow for Web Sign-in

Beginning May 23, ID OCR scanning will be removed from web sign-in. Web sign-in for a Guest Type that includes a security screen will now prompt a guest to capture or upload a photo of their ID and enter their date of birth. Command users must confirm the accuracy of the entered information before guests are successfully signed in.

On Command, users verify whether the entered first name, last name, and date of birth match those on the ID. If the guest-provided data does not match that on the ID, Command users can correct the data and a security screen will automatically run.

We suggest that Command users turn on notifications for the option Security screening needs review to receive alerts when IDs need confirmation. ID scanning on iPads is unaffected.

New Verkada Guest Features: May 2024

We are excited to announce several new features for Verkada Guest, including some specifically designed for our school and healthcare customers. These features will be available to all Guest customers beginning May 23, 2024.

New Verkada Guest Features: April 2024

Five new features are now available in Verkada Guest:

  1. PDF upload allows customers to upload a PDF document for visitors to sign as part of the check-in process on the iPad.

  2. Multiple choice questions allows customers to ask a question and configure preset answers for visitors to choose from.

  3. ID saving enables the customer to store a photo of the visitor ID that was scanned.

  4. Security Screen filtering allows customers to filter out Security Screen matches that have no photo or date of birth, to streamline results shown.

  5. Multiple entrances mean customers can now designate certain tablets to specific entrances in the case that one building has multiple lobbies for visitors to check in.

Verkada Guest in AWS GovCloud

U.S. government customers can use Verkada Guest within Command in AWS GovCloud. This allows them to use Verkada’s secure visitor management solution on top of the additional security controls provided by AWS GovCloud. 

These organizations will be able to use features like touchless check in, automatic host notifications, and custom badge printing to streamline check-in and provide a more welcoming experience for their visitors. Native camera integration also helps organizations increase security by enabling them to immediately find footage of visitors as they move throughout the facilities.

To learn more, read the full announcement.

Preferred Workplace Pricing for K-12 Schools

Beginning February 22, Verkada Workplace (including Verkada Guest and Verkada Mailroom) will be available to K-12 schools for $1,500/year, down from the standard price of $3,600/year.

Verkada Guest on iPad Now Available in Portuguese, Russian, and Mandarin

Visitors signing in using Verkada Guest on an iPad now have three additional languages to choose from - Portuguese, Russian, and Mandarin. Previously available languages include English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean.

Volunteer Management for Verkada Guest

Introducing our new volunteer management feature, which lets organizations manage the entire process of creating volunteer application forms, reviewing and screening completed applications, and checking in volunteers when they come on site – all through Verkada Guest.

Admins start by creating a customized volunteer application form. Once applicants fill out the form, admins will be able to review their information, see the results of their background check, and decide whether or not to accept or reject the application. Accepted volunteers can check in on the day of the event where Verkada Guest will cross-reference against the list of approved volunteers. At the end of the event, admins can easily see the number of hours that each person has volunteered.

To learn more, read the full announcement.

Introducing Verkada Guest for Healthcare: Simplify visitor management with EMR integration

We’re excited to introduce a new user experience within Verkada Guest designed for hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. Guest for Healthcare includes:

Introducing Verkada Workplace: All-in-One Visitor and Mailroom Management

We’re excited to announce that we are combining Verkada’s visitor management product and mailroom management products into a single Verkada Workplace solution. This makes it easier and more affordable for organizations to enjoy the combined benefits of both products, including streamlined admin workflows and increased building, people, and package security.

All Verkada customers who have already purchased either Verkada Guest or Mailroom will now have access to the complete Workplace suite with both products, for no additional cost.

Verkada Workplace is now available for $300 (MSRP) per site, per month. Click here to learn more.

Verkada Guest Now Integrates with Clever, Unlocking Powerful New Use Cases for Schools

We are excited to announce that the integration of Verkada Guest with Clever is now out of beta and officially available for all customers.

Clever is the leading provider of single sign-on for schools. This integration enables Verkada Guest to seamlessly communicate with some of the most commonly used student information systems (SIS). The Clever integration allows Verkada Guest to support new education use cases, such as early dismissal and tardy tracking.

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