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VerkadaOne brought attendees three days of discovering, creating and shaping the future of physical security.

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Verkada’s Inaugural Industry Conference

In the last seven years, Verkada has built an integrated technology platform from the ground up, transforming the physical security industry in the process. VerkadaOne | ATX’23 brought Verkada’s innovations to life like never before.

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VerkadaOne | ATX’23 Speakers

VerkadaOne featured keynotes, breakout sessions, 10+ training sessions and more from leading industry speakers.

  • Filip Kaliszan

    Filip Kaliszan

    CEO and Co-Founder, Verkada

  • Hans Robertson

    Hans Robertson

    Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

  • Delia Midamba

    Delia Midamba

    Head of Physical Security, Cloudflare

  • Ann Tran

    Ann Tran

    Sr. Director IT

  • Adm. William McRaven

    Adm. William McRaven

    Four Star Admiral, US Navy Ret.

  • Alana O’Grady Lauk

    Alana O’Grady Lauk

    VP of Communications, Verkada

  • Jamin Horton

    Jamin Horton

    IT Director, Camping World

  • Mike Orosz

    Mike Orosz

    Global VP, CISO Vertiv

  • Jeremy Wickham

    Jeremy Wickham

    Director of Technology, North Shore school District 112

  • Brandon Davito

    Brandon Davito

    VP of Product and Operations, Verkada

  • Dervilla Lannon

    Dervilla Lannon

    VP of People, Verkada

  • Patrick Allen

    Patrick Allen

    Sr. Director of Network Services, Dairy Farmers of America

VerkadaOne | 2024

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